Our Blog  can carry banners of various sizes, that can be placed across the sites for any duration. The banners can be targeted to specific audience. Client commercial can also run as a videos and can place on our blog
We invite you to advertise your Organisation, Product or Services on our Platform. We Offer: 1. Sponsored Post 2. Banner Ad – 300 x 250 px – 720 x 90 px & (360 x 45 for mobile) – 300 x 100 px – 300 x 600 px 4. Social Media Campaign. All ads also gonna run on our  – Facebook Fanpages:  – BBM Subscribers:  – Instagram Followers: – Twitter Followers:  80% of Our Visitors are Nigerians.

We also have emails of several Nigerian Blogs and can create an e blast for you to as many Blogs across Nigeria  for publishing of your music/articles
We will guide companies and make sure that featured advertorials placed on this website and other websites exceed your desired expectations and meet your business goals.
For More information, inquiries ,Advertisement Placements, please email on

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