Get to know more About FAKED Fashion Brand and Its CEO 'EMANNIE'


[Fashion profile] Full Biography of Emannie, CEO Faked Fashion Brand

Emannie who doubles as a lawyer and a fashion Enthusiast, is a major rising name in the Nigerian fashion industry.

His Fashion dreams Cut across Designing Rare clothings and Runway ShowBiz.

On today's episode of Fast rising youngsters, we bring you full Biography of Emannie. 

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Nwoba Emmanuel Emeka, who goes by the stage name 'EMANNIE', Was born 11th July, 2000, to the NWOBA Family. 

His Love for fashion is traced back to massive gifts of drips he usually receives from his parents, as a result of doing well in school and during festive periods.

This got Emannie growing with a vibrant love for Fashion, this made him learn tailoring and all the necessary sketch works.

All over this post, are his beautiful works of fashion that’s is displayed by his models.

His Run way outings date back to his Junior secondary days, when he always showed for anything fashion in school.

Nwoba Emmanuel Emeka hails from Anambra state, Precisely Njikoka LGA, and is putting the Igbo people on the map.


Emannie is a Lawyer in training, he is currently at Godfrey Okoye University , Enugu in Nigeria.

In school, Emannie has leveraged on availability of youths and always easily organizes runways and also finding models is usually not a big deal, because people are readily available for the job.

He completed his secondary school days at Nigerian Navy secondary school, Abeokuta.


The brand is an Alteé type of fashion brand, with lots of Youth Energy, here are some things they do:

1. Design and produce clothing, accessories, and footwear.

2. Create marketing campaigns to promote their products.

3. Collaborate with influencers, celebrities, or other brands.

4. Host fashion shows or events.

5. Sell their products through various channels (e.g., retail stores, online platforms, social media).

6. Engage with customers through social media, email newsletters, or loyalty programs.

7. Offer customization or personalized products.

8. Partner with sustainability initiatives or charitable organizations.

9. Invest in research and development to stay ahead of fashion trends and technology.

10. Expand their product lines to include new categories (e.g., beauty, home goods).

11. Open physical stores or pop-up shops.

12. Create exclusive collections for specific markets or occasions.

13. Offer styling services or fashion advice.

14. Host workshops or masterclasses on fashion-related topics.

15. Develop a strong brand identity and visual aesthetic.


Emannie is a lively person and you might want to reach out for a collaboration, just send a “Hi” 


All social media handles: @emanniecoco

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